Dr Ben Lewis


Conference Papers, Guest Talks and Interviews 

  • January 2023: Die Rezeptionsgeschichte der Luxemburg Werke (Podcast-Interview mit 99 zu Eins)
  • December 2022: Marxism and the Party Question – Innledning ved Ben Lewis (Organised by the Revolusjonaert nettwerk i Rødt, Norway)
  • November 2022: Of Confiscated Papers and Closed-Off Archives: Rosa Luxemburg’s Gesammelte Werke (Historical Materialism International Conference, SOAS, London)
  • September 2022: Inspiration and Betrayal: The Second International (1889-1914) and its Significance Today (New Zealand Federation of Socialist Societies)
  • September 2022: Clara Zetkin (Lives of the Left Series hosted by the Labour Left Alliance)
  • January 2022: The Strategic Lessons of Social Democracy: Discussion with Gil Schaefer and Eric Blanc (NYU) (Cosmonaut Magazine Podcast, California)
  • June 2021: The History of the SPD (The Alpha and Omega Podcast, London: 2 parts)
  • May 2021: Karl Kautsky in the 21st Century, Platypus International Convention (Zoom)
  • January 2021: The Revolutionary Karl Kautsky (Cosmonaut Magazine Podcast, California)
  • November 2020: The Life and Lessons of Karl Kautsky (Prometheus Journal Podcast, London)
  • October 2020: Karl Kautsky and the Democratic Republic (Linkse Hobby’s Podcast, Amsterdam)
  • March 2020: Dispelling the Kautsky Myths (Book Launch: School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
  • May 2017: This House Believes that Free-Market Capitalism is the Best Way Forward (University of Durham Union Debate with Graham Brady MP and economist Vicky Pryce)
  • May 2017: The Decline of the West – and then what? Oswald Spengler on the Russian Future(s) (International Prokhorov Centre Conference, Sheffield)
  • March 2016: Introducing Clara Zetkin’s Letters and Writings (Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London)
  • October 2013: “Is That Our Programme, Karl?” Rosa Luxemburg and the Challenge of the German Revolution (17th International Rosa Luxemburg Conference, Paris)
  • November 2012: “Baron”, “Ede” and the Politics of Correspondence: A First Look at Eduard Bernsteins Briefwechsel mit Karl Kautsky (Historical Materialism, School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
  • February 2012: Social Democracy, 1912 and All That (International Platypus Convention, University of Chicago)
  • November 2011: The Early Comintern (International Revolutionary History Panel, Historical Materialism, School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
  • November 2011: The Book that Didn’t Bark: Karl Kautsky’s Defence of Marxist Republicanism (Historical Materialism, School of Oriental and African Studies, London)