Dr Ben Lewis



  • Ed. and trans., Clara Zetkin and the Women’s and Women Workers’ Question of our Time, London: Rosa Publications, 2023 (111 pages)

Includes by Lewis:

– ‘Introduction’, pp. 1-36.

  • Oswald Spengler and the Politics of Decline, New York: Berghahn Books, 2022 .
  • Ed. and trans., Karl Kautsky on Democracy and Republicanism, Leiden: Brill, 2019 (352 pages).

Includes by Lewis:

— ‘Karl Kautsky’s Democratic Republicanism’, pp. 1-40.

  • Ed. with Mike Jones, Clara Zetkin: Letters and Writings. Translated by Ben Lewis and Mike Jones, Pontypool: Merlin, 2015.
  • Ed. with Mike Macnair, Kautsky on Colonialism. With an introduction by Mike Macnair and translations by Ben Lewis and Maciej Zurowski, London: November Publications, 2013.
  • Ed. with Lars T. Lih, Zinoviev and Martov: Head to Head in Halle. Translated by Ben Lewis and Lars T. Lih, London: November Publications, 2011.

Includes by Lewis:

— ‘Introduction: The Four-Hour Speech and the Significance of Halle’, pp. 6-36.

— ‘Glossary’, pp. 198-221.


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  Selected Newspaper Articles

  • ‘Before, During and After March 1921’, Weekly Worker, 6 May 2021, pp. 6-9.
  • ‘Karl Kautsky was once a Revolutionary: An Interview with Ben Lewis’, Jacobin, 17 October 2020.
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  • ‘World War I and the SPD Left’s Dirty Secret, the Die Glocke Group’, Weekly Worker, 26 June 2014, pp. 8-9.

 Selected Book Reviews

  • Review of Ralf Hoffrogge, Working-Class Politics in the German Revolution. Richard Müller, the Revolutionary Shop Stewards and the Origins of the Council Movement (Leiden: Brill, 2014), in International Review of Social History, 61.1, 2016, pp. 168-71.
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 Selected Translations

  • Holga Glinka, ‘Natural Law in the Ideas of Bloch, Marxism and Hegel’, translated by Henk de Berg and Ben Lewis, in Henk de Berg and Cat Moir (eds.), Rethinking Ernst Bloch, Leiden: Brill (10,000) words, submitted February 2022.
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  • Anahita Hosseini, ‘Nichts ist beständiger als der Wechsel. Über die Besonderheiten bei der jüngsten Welle politischer Proteste im Iran’. Aus dem Englischen von Ben Lewis, Lunapark21, 41, 2018, pp. 26-28.
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